5 Scientifically Proven Tips to De-Stress

Everyone has different kinds of stress in life, whether academically from school, socially from relationships, or economically from work. Some people spend lots of money to travel all the way to a foreign and faraway island to de-stress. Instead of escaping stress, here are some easy ways to cope with stress that you can do anytime and anywhere.

  1. Gum

Pop a few pieces of gum into your mouth and chew your stress away. Researchers find that chewing a piece of gum not only freshens your breath but has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. When you chew gum, levels of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. Gum can also relieve anxiety, increase alertness, and improve performance when you multitask. So chewing a piece of gum is a convenient and easy way for anyone to destress. Maybe you don’t have the time to exercise, hike, travel, meditate, or do yoga, but you can drop by 7-11s and Family Marts on the way home and buy some cheap and tasty gum.


  1. Classical Music

Turn up the music for Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and other classical composers. Researchers find that slow, quiet, and classical music calms the mind, slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and lowers levels of stress hormones. The most effective music to destress the mind is to listen to Native American, Celtic, Indian stringed instruments, drums, and flutes. You can also listen to sounds of rain, thunder, and nature mixed with light jazz and classical music to de-stress. Thankfully, other than improving your mood, classical music can also boost your IQ scores, which is called the Mozart Effect. But unfortunately, this effect only lasts up to 15 minutes. Instead of EDM, search some classical music on Youtube and get your homework done before the effect wears off.


  1. Acupressure

You can destress yourself through acupressure, in which you apply physical pressure to acupuncture points on your hands. One acupuncture point that reduces stress and calms you down is the area between your thumb and forefinger. Another hand trick is called the Naam Yoga Hand technique. Try this technique by applying pressure to the area between your second and third knuckle. By pinching these two areas, you can relieve anxiety and stress. You don’t need to go to a professional to get a hand massage, rather you can easily relieve stress by pressing on these acupuncture points yourself.


  1. Go Outside

Go outside to get a dose of fresh air and soak in the sunshine. Research has shown that fresh air can boost endorphins and help you relax. In addition, research has also found that the sunshine is restorative, which means that it can decrease the sleep hormone melatonin and increase serotonin, which takes a major role in mood, happiness, and anxiety. As a result, increasing levels of serotonin promotes happiness. Even if you only have a few minutes a day, take a walk when you have lunch break, extra time between classes, or just open the window and breathe in some fresh air. By going outside, you can refocus, reenergize, and de-stress.


  1. Dark Chocolate and Green Tea

Take a short break, grab a chocolate bar, and dive in all the chocolatey goodness. Dark chocolate lowers the level of stress hormone cortisol and destresses the mind. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which have a relaxing effect. By eating dark chocolate, you can also fight heart disease and reduce the chances of cancer. Add a bonus to your treat and drink some green tea. Green tea has an amino acid called Theanine, which reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation. Dark chocolate and green tea is a good and bittersweet combination for an afternoon or midnight snack when you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress.

Dark chocolatemaxresdefault
When you’re trying to wind down after a long and stressful day, try some of these tips. Before you know it, you will feel more relaxed and de-stressed wherever you are.

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13 thoughts on “5 Scientifically Proven Tips to De-Stress

  1. 9. You gave some really relevant advice of how to relieve stress using very easy techniques. I didn’t know that listening to classical music can help people feel less stressed. I think the acupressure technique is very interesting and fun to do as well.


  2. 9. Your article was informative and the title draws attention from people who need to de-stress. The photos and writing was clear and concise. FYI chocolate gives you acne.


  3. I clicked on this article because I felt it related to my life. It didn’t disappoint. The tips were well written weren’t far-fetched. My mom does acupressure and makes me try it ALL THE TIME so I am definitely not showing her this article or else I might be forced to acupressure 24-7 and never escape the house. Great article, 9/10.


  4. 10/10. Awesome article! I was attracted to this article because I need to de-stress all the time. The explanations were informative and helpful, and the sentences were quite fluent as well.


  5. 9.25/10. I especially liked the acupressure technique. I will definitely try that next time I feel stressed as well as eating dark chocolate.


  6. I think this article is an excellent, detailed, and well-expressed article. Now I know what to do when I de-stress. There are some really creative techniques like dark chocolate and acupressure. I have gone through a few of these techniques before and I personally think going outside can help you think of other things to relieve your mind, so great job to you! 10/10


  7. 9. Great article! Your article is very interesting and informative. I definitely see myself trying out some of the techniques.


  8. 9/10. Great details, and examples on how to de-stress. The information seems accurate, and researched.

    People might be attracted to it because the information given can be used in real life, and a lot of people have stress, therefore, this article can help them solve their problem.


  9. I like this page because it gave good information on how help destress.
    The people might be attracted to this page might be students getting ready for a final or a test.


  10. I think that this article gives good advice because it helps students know how to get rid of stress. The advice given is also able to be done by students. I clicked on this article because it is really useful for students under stress. I would give this article a 10/10.


  11. There isn’t any specific reasons as to why I clicked into this article, probably because that I am always stressed out and I want to find a way to reduce my stress. This article provides a great detail about how to deal with the stress and I believe it is really useful for people who are always under stress.


  12. I think this is a really practical article for people in Taiwan, especially for students. I like the article because it gives people specific ways to destress themselves, instead of spending a lot of money for other alternatives. This article can attract people that suffers distress in life. 9/10


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