You Can’t Say You Know Tea Unless You’ve Had These


boba tea

Water refreshes our lives with its purity, pop wakes us with its sparkle, and tea brightens our lives with its sweetness. Out of these three, tea is the most essential thing for high school students to have during the school year. Many students choose teas that are common but not very tasty. Here are the best teas that are rarely ordered. 


5. Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea is one of the most favored “tea” teas in Taiwan. Jasmine tea leaves are originally from Persia via India, but they later came into Fuzhou, China after the Qing dynasty. This tea uses Jasmine blossoms to create the scent of the Jasmine smell along with the green tea base. I like this tea because of its freshness, and by drinking it, it makes you feel like you are tasting Jasmine flowers. Yes, it sounds weird, but the scent is so strong that I can experience happiness from drinking it. It will give you a refreshing feeling. If you are looking for a tea that is simple yet without milk, Jasmine green tea will be the best option for you.


4. Boba Black Tea Latte

Boba Black Tea Latte, or simply boba milk tea, is the most important and the most well-known tea in Taiwan. Boba milk tea started in Taichung in 1983 by a company called Chun Shui Tang. Boba was originally white, but later the tapioca company added caramel, and that’s why tapioca nowadays is mostly black. The well-cooked tapioca carries a sweet smell, and the round QQ tapioca is delightfully chewy. It brings a funny feeling due to the chewiness and QQ-ness. That’s why many foreigners’ first impression of tapioca is that it tastes weird and funny, yet it really tastes good. If foreigners like it, then we as Taiwanese ought to like it, too.


3. Grass Jelly Black Tea Latte

Grass Jelly is another unique substance to have in teas. It is a black and jelly-ish substance that is not commonly seen. Grass jelly is made by a plant called platostoma plaustre. When water is added to platostoma plaustre, as you wait for it to dry, the plant itself will turn from watery to jelly-like, which then will look like what we see in the tea. You can consider grass jelly as “angelic” jelly, because the Chinese word for grass jelly, xian cao, contains the character “xian” for fairy. When the grass jelly enters your mouth, the fresh and smooth feel can lead to a lovely and heavenly feeling.


2. Emerald Lemon with Aloe

Emerald Lemon with Aloe is also a tea from Cha Tang Hui. The combination of emerald, which is a kind of green tea that has a lighter green tea taste than the actual green tea, along with lemon and aloe, which is a clear, square crunchy substance made from the plant aloe, steps up the game so much that you won’t experience it with other teas. Emerald Lemon with Aloe has a sweet and sour taste fused together, which gives you a thrilling feeling due to the fact that it is sweet, yet sour at the same time. This might give you a little chill.


1. Guanyin Latte

Guanyin Latte, which uses Tieguanyin as a tea base, is the number one selling tea from Cha Tang Hui. It is the most special tea out of all the teas listed here because of its strong and unique taste. Unlike 50 Lan’s tea, Tieguanyin tea uses a premium variety of the Chinese Oolong tea. 50 Lan’s teas use really traditional and simple “tea” that all the other tea stands use, so most of the “teas” taste pretty much the same. However, Tieguanyin latte provides a strong smell of tea combined with milk that will imprint in your heart. The combination of Tieguanyin and milk make this tea stand out among all the other teas.


You might think you know a lot about teas, but not until you try these five teas. They will change your impression of tea, and you will realize how tea can change your life.

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24 thoughts on “You Can’t Say You Know Tea Unless You’ve Had These

  1. 7- I clicked on this article because I love tea and wanted to see if there would be any types of tea that I didn’t know. The descriptions drew me in, but I wished that there were pictures to go with each type of tea!


  2. This was soooo promising. Food and drink is one of the most captivating topics for an article like this. But, like the previous poster, I was disappointed that there were not more pictures. They sound good, but I can’t get truly hooked unless I see it. Be kind to those of us who are visual processors.

    Hmmm…. I feel like making a run to the tea shop. Emerald Lemon with Aloe is sounding pretty good right now.



  3. 7. Thanks for giving advice on what teas I should get for tea order next time! The background you have really helps me understand what the tea I’m drinking every week really is. I feel more informed about my tea life now.


  4. HI! I will give this article an 8/10. It is a very detailed article, talking about the advice, history, and details about each type of tea. These kinds of tea sound very good. I would suggest providing some pictures as a visual representation of this. It would be greatly appreciated for next time, especially for other people who are looking at this too, but overall it is very nice! I also feel more informed about what to get at tea shops, although I don’t drink tea a regular basis. Good job!


  5. 8. I clicked on this article because usually food and drink articles are the most interesting topics. All of them sound really good but I would like to see some pictures for each type of tea.


  6. 8/10

    This article is quite opinion to every people. According to my own taste, some that are listed taste good but some I disagree. Maybe you can add some statistic to it, that shows how much people support or buy this drink. That would help to convince the readers that those 5 teas are the best.


  7. 9/10; the author has done a great job of explaining the tastes and strengths of each kind of tea. By introducing the origins, the author lets the readers see a more cultural aspect of the beverage. It would be good to have recommended shops for each tea though!


  8. I find your post to be quite interesting! I love how you give a thorough introduction of each type of tea, from its general background to the flavor and taste and also the reason you like it. Your vivid description of the tea’s flavor, its texture, and the after-taste provide a clear impression of the different types of teas. Your nice hooking title accompanied with the refreshing photo of the bubble tea also easily got my attention. Well done, though I felt like you could have included a few more photos of the other teas to make it even more appealing… I will give you a 7.5/10 🙂


  9. I think your post is mostly about your personal opinion, some people might not like the teas you described in the article, but I like how you thoroughly described the background of all of the teas, lets people know more about where the teas were from. I think the post attracts people is because people nowadays favors tea and there’s also an awesome picture on the front page:) On a scale of 1-10 I think your article is a 7.


  10. 9.6999/10. This is biased. I think the information about the tea is good, but it would be important to show evidence for what tea people really favor.

    I like Guanyin latte, too.


  11. I loved this article because it teaches us partial of the most famous teas in the land of Asia! Although this article is probably written based on the opinion of the individual, it is still well done and the teas are well explained. The picture of the boba tea is the reason why I came to observe this article. 9/10 is the score that I endow because of the well explained information and the intelligent of the author.


  12. 8/10 I like how the author writes introduces the tea along with its history and his/her personal opinions about it. I’m also impressed with how the author described boba and grass jelly, because it sounded very “delicious”. However, I think I would understand the material better if there was a picture along with it. I was attracted because I love tea and the picture of a boba milk tea on the very top looked amazing.


  13. As a student who has grown up drinking such “natural” refreshments, you would have work extremely hard to convince me that the “jasmine” in the jasmine green tea that I drink was actually imported from China. More like it was artificially manufactured in some factory vat, but hey, I’m not the expert here.

    Even more, as a student who almost always drinks Boba Milk Tea, I would consider your statement that “Here [as in this article] are the best teas that are rarely ordered” a bit of a overstatement, as you also mentioned that “[Boba Milk Tea] is the most important and the most well-known tea in Taiwan.”. So much for it being rarely ordered.

    So. 1/10.

    Jk, 8/10 #bobamilktea


  14. I think the article was very good because it gave lots of good advice and detailed descriptions of each tea. It would be even better if there were pictures. I would give this article a 9.5/10.


  15. I think that this is an interesting article and I pretty much like it. It gives details and even histories of those teas that we never thought of before and including the personal experience of the writer gives the reader a closer feeling. It’s attracting to people because the topic, tea, is really popular around and the pic is nice:) People would look forward of knowing more about tea. Ranking….. 9/10


  16. I liked it, except I think that it could of have more of the more basic/common teas listed in this article. People that enjoy a cup of Taiwanese tea will definitely enjoy such an article. I would rate it 4/10…. decent…


  17. This article is very informative and does a great job at explaining its reasoning. I felt there was a lack of visual aid that may drive away readers. Something that may attract a reader is the relatable topic. Growing up in Taiwan, you always wonder what is the best tea to drink, and this article does a great job relating to that.


  18. I think this is a good page in an aspect of introducing some of the teas you like, but generally, this post is too personal. It would have been better if you just titled the post as “Great teas I like” or “Teas that must be introduced” or something like that. Because of this, I would rate this page as 7 out of 10. However, I know these teas are very delicious, and introducing them to people will attract them. Thank you for this post!


  19. I think that the article is very interesting because I don’t really know other kinds of tea besides the normal milk tea with boba. I think that there should be pictures for each tea so it is easier to know what is in the tea. I think that the topic would attract people because most people like tea and would be interested in other teas they don’t know about. 9/10


  20. I like this article because it shows detailed descriptions of the popular choices of tea. In my opinion, a lot of people will find the article attractive because they simply love tea. I think maybe a little bit more visuals will make it even more attractive. I would give this article 8/10.


  21. I love to drink teas, and it is a way for me to relax and chill after hectic days. I’ve tried the number two and three tea before, and I really suggest people who haven’t tried those yet. TRY IT! Grass jelly is especially healthy for people who nose bleeds all the time. And, boboa black tea latte, oh my gosh, it is the best of best. Everytime the class ordered the teas, this is the one that I will pick. Oh yeah, and: 9/10


  22. 9/10
    I like how you gave your personal opinion on some of the tea that you listed. I would like to see pictures of the tea, so I have a general idea of what they look like. But overall, I think it’s pretty good.


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