5 Worst Fast Food Restaurants


5 Worst Fast Food Restaurants


Fast-food has been part of our life that we cannot live without. With all the delicious fast food you have eaten, what are some brands that are your favorite but turn out to be the worst?

  1. Taco Bell


In fifth, Taco Bell is one of the worst fast food restaurants of its low quality food source. In December 2006, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania had up to seventy one people experience food poisoni that is related to Taco Bell. The food poison caused all Taco Bells to shut down in all three states. Patients have experienced kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome that almost took their life. Through research of FDA and CDC, they have found out the green onion produce from California is the cause of this incident. Since Taco Bell do not have a stable food source to cooperate. The meal that Taco Bell produce is uncertain and question to the health of costumers that is at the last of the worst fast food restaurant list.


  1. Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s pizza ends up on the list is caused by its irresponsible service and responses of its action. In 1973, Domino’s activated the thirty minutes home service, which causes its employees to rush through red lights on streets and killed a girl in Indiana at 1992 that Domino’s paid two hundred eighty thousand to resolve. After the accident three dollar is added to the service. But still in 1993 another girl was injured that eight hundred thousand is paid by Domino’s that ended the service. Domino’s pizza is alright in the list that made it the fourth worst fast food restaurant in the list.


  1. Burger King


Burger King has better hamburgers than KFC’s and McDonald’s, but still is one of the worst fast food restaurants in the list. In Victoria Peak in 2006, the Hong Kong Government discovered that Burger King changed the expiration date of its sauce secretly in order to use them on meals for customers. Furthermore, Burger King also used beef and pork patties that already expired 1 month for their burger that angered their “meat lovers” and still haven’t apologized. Burger King is bad, but not the worst on the list.


  1. McDonald’s


Advertisements from McDonald’s are frauds and we all know it. Every time a commercial shows a 6 oz size chicken breast will always end up with 4 oz size on your plate. All the hamburgers that McDonald’s comes up on the menu will always shrink a size or two to make sure you are on a diet. Not to mention, but the burger is not just a burger it is a cheap version. All you have for burger toppings are a slice of pickle, two pieces of lettuce, and two buns that will always stick with the meat. That is just gross. Moreover, the sauce will always be at the bottom of the wrapping paper that you will never taste on your food. If you had watched the documentary “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock produced on February 2003, you will know how unhealthy McDonald is. Within a month, Morgan not only gains 11.34kg from his original weight but also experiences depression and multiple organ failure, which took him 14 months to recover. This is why McDonald’s is in the second worst fast food restaurant on the list.


  1. KFC


I know it is hard to tell, but KFC is the worst fast food restaurant that I have had in my whole life. Since 2003 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) from London has accused KFC’s cruel poultry suppliers by breaking the beak of each chicken in order to kill the chicken slowly. After cutting their beak, thousands of chicken were squeezed in a dark room waiting to die. At last, chicken that almost pass out are tossed in to machines, sliced, hung and finally ended up on the plate for people to enjoy. In 2006, Greenpeace organization also sued KFC for destroying the Amazon Rainforest in order to feed soya beans from Cargill to the poor chicken. Beans that are fed to chickens are genetically modified which may cause mutations in the human body that results to cancer. Moreover, in May, 2012 People found out that 5% of KFC’s paper pulp sources are illegal from tropical forest in Indonesia, by the fiber sample scientist examined. Finally, in December 2012, China discovered the use of growth hormones and multiple antibiotics that chicken farms used. People accused KFC of using chemicals to gain profit quicker which damages the health of its consumer. Does that explain why the fried chicken you get from KFC is so greasy?

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24 thoughts on “5 Worst Fast Food Restaurants

  1. I had a hard time reading the article since I was drooling over the awesome pictures… Sadly, I have eaten at each of these establishments and have loved it!


  2. I like the premise, but I wasn’t sure what you were measuring. You wrote, “…that turns out to be the worst.” What does that mean? Most unhealthy, disappointing quality and taste, etc.

    I think if the purpose and scope of the article were clearer, it would definitely keep your writing more focused and my mind more engaged.

    Good idea and effort though!



    1. Oh, and maybe one more point for that first picture — I was mesmerized for at least 20 minutes before I could move down and read the article.


  3. Thats a pretty good article to insure our health. Try to give more of a description not just example of why yourself dislike these fast food restaurants. Put some personal opinion into might gain some interest from the reader.



  4. This is an interesting article that is factually very well written, but there are a few grammatical mistakes that slipped through. Specifically there are some instances where you inserted a punctuation mark (comma, full stop etc.) in the wrong spot, or used one when it is not necessary.

    Overall though a solid article and an interesting read.


  5. While this article does have an interesting topic as well as intriguing pictures for a student who hasn’t finished lunch, I would have to admit that I would not agree with half of your choices. I was attracted to your article, or more accurately to the delicious looking photos of savory delicacies, and I would give you a 10/10.

    For your article, I would rank it a 6/10 for creativity.


  6. I give this thing a 2. I hope you know I no longer like you. I was happily living my life, oblivious to all this corruption, then BAM! The kill joy came. The article was interesting though. It was nicely written. People would probably want to read this article to see if they’re favorite poison made the list or not.


  7. 6. While reading the article, I am already drooling over the pictures. Although they are the top 5 worst fast food restaurants, I still see myself eating their food since we all know food is life.


  8. This article is shocking because it portrays everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant as something that is disgusting. Its extreme behind-the-scene facts will attract readers because readers don’t often know these facts. Overall pretty good! 9/10


  9. 9/10 I think this article was very intriguing. I like how the author didn’t only use his/her’s opinion but also include real facts to emphasize on his/her’s point. This article attracted me because I love fast foods and is interested to know what are the worst five fast food restaurants.


  10. I like this article a lot because it appeals to us the problems that each fast food restaurant that are known as “the best”, and told us about how they are the worst restaurants of them all. People might be attracted by the title which enlisted that the 5 worst fast food restaurant and would want to know why the fast food restaurants are “bad”. Of course we all know that they are unhealthy, but looking at the Cheeseburger, I drooled all over my “escritorio”. I give this article a 9/10 because of it’s awesome and attracting pictures.


  11. 8.5678/10. I like this article because it gives evidence of the problems of the fast food restaurants with support from other organizations, documentaries, and past events, which makes it convincing. People might be attracted to your article because of the interesting title of the worst of food not the best of food.


  12. This article was informative and concise. It does a great job at taking a stand on an issue that the writer obviously believes is an important one. Great use of pictures! The strong opinions had me coming back for more. 6/10


  13. I’m assuming these top 5 are proven to be the worse by a survey, not just whoever is writing this article because I don’t go to fast food restaurants. 8/10


  14. tbh when I saw dat taco bell… I flipped. This taco goodness should be on top 5 BEST fast foods!!! 1/10 (the 1 because most of this is true…. sadly)


  15. 7/10
    This article has a deep history to all the foods. It has a great use of pic, and great evidence of the accident from the past, this makes people want to read your article.


  16. Come on. What do you expect about fast food restaurants? Well-done steak? Super good quality-made bread or something? It’s meant to be made quickly, you know. Some are serious problems like poisons found in food, but the rest, nah. I suggest you to go to a 5-star Italian pasta restaurant instead of going to McDonald’s or Burger King.
    I was pretty shocked after reading this post, since I also go to all these 5 fast food restaurants. I believe that these surprising facts will also make others amused. Because you made me shocked, this post deserves 8 out of 10. Anyways, thanks for this post!


  17. I did not really enjoy the beginning of the article, because of the grammatical mistakes such as poisoni,”the meal that taco bell produce” should be the meals that taco bell has produced” past tense, with plural on meals and …etc.Not only that but rank four and five should be switched because Taco bell effects a larger population, and Taco bell seems to be judged more harshly that domino’s Pizza.However what made this article attractive was that the topic, applies to a majority of people who eat at these fast food restaurants.


  18. 1. I do not really like this article. I feel like that some of the negative statistics on this article are extremely outdated. Good present day articles are best supplemented by statistics that are recent and updated. These statistics are easier to verify and help people relate to the article. Other than this, the rest is pretty good and concise.

    2. People that are health conscious and people who want to find better fast food restaurants.

    3. 6/10


  19. Wow, I never knew there were so many illegal things going on behind these restaurants. I remembered myself begging my parents to buy me McDonald’s, but after reading this article, I will never ask to eat in any of these restaurants.


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