5 Tips for When an All-Nighter is Necessary

Anyone can plan an all-nighter for different reasons, but the most common amongst high school and college students is when they know that they need the night to finish school work. It goes unsaid that the need to pull an all-nighter is a result of bad habits, procrastination, or bad decisions. So when it is an absolute necessity, here are five ways to get you through the night.


1) Nap ahead of time 



Taking a nap before an all-nighter is the best preparation you can do for your body. The more sleep you can get in advance, the better rested and prepared your body will be for the long night.

Taking one before a work binge is more effective than taking a nap when you’re already exhausted. When you decide on ‘just taking a quick nap’ in the middle of the night, you might not wake up for hours, or you might even oversleep.



2) Bright lights



Working in bright light is an effective way to stay awake. The color of your light can always play a part in varying alertness.

 “Research shows a blue-tinted light will wake you up best, such as a blue-LED light, yellow light is not good for staying awake. It relaxes us, so avoid it if you want to work through the night,”- neuroscientist Dr. Joëlle Adrien

 However, staring at a bright screen tires out your eyes quickly. You may also notice that your eyes feel drier due to stress and lack of sleep. Any extra brightness is only going to make it worse.

Turn down the brightness of your device.


3) Stay uncomfortable


A little bit of stimulation to the pain receptors keep you more alert. There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself from being comfortable and relaxed. Pinching your self is effective in causing small discomfort to your body. Other options include lowering the room temperature, or slashing cold water on your face whenever necessary. 

 If possible, work in settings that you do not normally sleep at. So stay away from your bedroom or couches, and opt for places like a 24-hour coffee shop, or even the kitchen counter.



4) Caffeine, water, protein, and gum

Caffeine, protein and energy drinks are obvious staples when extra energy is needed. However, using them the wrong way can result in a worst crash.

Your body needs something to burn to last the night. Besides tons and tons of hydration for your body, you also need protein consumption to help your body exert energy. So grab an extra meal or snacks high in protein instead of snacks of sugar or carbs. Beef jerky and almonds are great options to last you the night. 



5) Stay active 

Getting your blood flowing is a signal to the brain that the body needs to stay alert and focused, which is why doing periodic exercises helps maintain concentration. A quick 5-20-minute work out or even doing your work standing up can help maintain body posture as well as neuroplasticity. Neuro plasticity refers to when exercise boosts the brain’s ability to learn and retain information. A full body workout is not recommended, as you will become quickly exhausted.


Dealing with the morning after.

Okay, you survived the night. Your research paper is done, your presentation is completed, or whatever it is that you needed to do. You feel much better about meeting your deadlines, and it is now to get your body back on track.

The day after is going to a torture, and you will be tempted to crash as soon as you get home, but in order to maintain a sleep pattern, wait until only a couple hours before your usual sleeping time. It is helpful to nap during the day, stay hydrated, and eat well.


In the end, the only recovery technique you should ever need is to stay on a normal schedule. Pulling all-nighters can only do harm to your body, especially when done frequently.  Your long term memory and productivity can be seriously weakened in the process.

That being said, the best advice to pulling an all-nighter is to not do it, but when you do, remember to follow these 5 important pieces of advice.  

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13 thoughts on “5 Tips for When an All-Nighter is Necessary

  1. I was going to rate this article a five, but five is right out, so I give it a seven. I was attracted to this article because its title resonated with me to my very core of irresponsibility as a student.
    My trust in this article’s tips were bolstered by the quotes from outside authorities. However, the article’s flow was a bit hindered by formatting and spelling errors.


  2. 6. This article gives good tips on how to stay awake but some seems to be a little extreme such as staying uncomfortable. The other advices are good too.


  3. 8/10. I agree with the previous commenter – the tips are great, and I like the outside sources, but the formatting errors made it difficult to read.


  4. 8/10 I chose this article because I consider myself a all-nighter and thought this would give me some tips. Yes, these advices are very helpful! It has good information and easy to do.


  5. This is a very informative article but it seems a little extreme. I never done an all-nighter and we can always chose to cancel the all-nighter, but more importantly, sleep is very crucial to your body. It is very detailed but I might not agree with staying uncomfortable. I will give this article a 7/10.


  6. Interesting read. I came here expecting to see the usual tips of “drinking coffee” and “moving around”, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there some here I have never thought about. In particular having a nap before the all-nighter, and keeping bright lights on were interesting.

    I also liked how you included a section outlining what to do after it is over. The only critique I would give is that there are a few small grammatical mistakes, and some of wacky formatting distracts from the message.



  7. I will give your post a 8/10 for your informative and clearly written points, despite a few format error you overlooked…. I like how you included pictures for every points and how you included outside source to validate your tips. The easy-to-do tips you provide is also very approachable and practical. I hope those tips will come in handy when I pull an all-nighter 🙂


  8. I like the article. The tips are interesting and not very hard to do. The clear list of practical advices are useful and might attract people. I would rank it as 8/10.


  9. I enjoyed this article. It had great information and was presented in a concise manner. It presented the ideas in a relatable way which is something that may draw readers in and make them want to keep reading. 7/10


  10. 8/10. This is an interesting article that gives interesting advice on how to pull an all-nighter.

    People may be attracted to it because many find the need to pull all-nighters. Therefore, this article may prove useful to them when they are going to pull a all-nighter


  11. The article is very interesting because it gives good advice on what to do when you have to stay up late. I clicked on this article because it is something we need to to often. I would give this article a 9/10.


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