Top 5 Places to Relax at MAK

Top 5 Places to Relax at MAK You Did not Think About


Taking a restful break is an essential key factor to surviving through a day, especially for extremely stressed high school students. However, recently MAK high school students have been facing the difficulty in finding a place to relax or to have a good lunch break. For those looking for tranquil environments to relax, here are my recommended Top 5 places to relax in MAK that you did not think about!

1. Library Right Corner

Let us jump right into my number one favorite place to relax. The library may sound boring, but I’m talking about this specific corner next to the AC in the library. It is the best place to get comfortable. The combination of a rugged floor and some love sac automatically allows for a quality power nap. Literally everything you need for a break is around you: plugs and charging stations are available for any device, and if you don’t have any devices with you, library computers are available. Water fountains and bathrooms are outside of the library. The main window is only five steps away from you to refresh your senses. To be undisturbed, check with Mr. Laytham beforehand for any elementary or middle school library class coming

  1. Behind the Stage Curtain

Area behind the stage curtains are not only for the stage production workers but also could be a great place relax. It’s an ideal place for those who prefer working alone in a very quiet and dark area. Not much lights are allowed behind the curtain, it is very cool there. If you are trying to be away from others, this is also a place for you. Mostly the stage is empty, but be aware of the classes going in the band room behind the stage. The band room door usually blocks off most of the noise, but bring your earphone just in case. Also avoid when there are performances or practices going on. For extra comfort, borrow Newkirk’s pillow from his office. Just remember to ask for his permissions and promise to bring it back.

3. Office Couch

Office was the hot spot I used to enjoy chilling every morning. The AC and the soft couches are relaxing, and the bathroom and the nurse’s office are near for any emergency. Also when bored, they have some school yearbooks, handout and student handbooks to look over. Those are great time killers, especially if you have an Morrison alumn as a teacher. (It’s always fun to laugh at your own teacher’s childhood pictures.) It’s a little far from the high school wing so avoid coming here on Wednesday schedules. Make sure you are also contributing to the silent environment and not disturbing the office workers. You might get kicked out! Also avoid being in there if any guest are around the office lounge area. We want to respect them and give some space.

  1. Picnic Area Outside the Gym

Many of us are familiar with this area due to the TTT activity. Other than those special cases, this area is not used by students enough. We do live in Taiwan where weather is mostly sunny and hot outside but it’s not so bad when bench has an umbrella providing shades. If it gets too hot, the gym is right next for quick AC breaks. The stairs to high school wing is extremely close, so time shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes the gardeners have fertilizers around the field and the area may smell but that’s a rare incident. It’s always great to have lunch with friends here and feel somewhat picnicky.

  1. The Field


The track and fields are usually not in our mind unless it’s PE class or after school sports time. It may be hot depending on the weather but other than that, the field is a great place to get some fresh air. Few of my classmates and I enjoyed the field the moment after our last final of the year. Bring your own picnic blanket and keep it in your locker to get really comfortable. Lay down and look up in the sky. We don’t get to do this often even though it’s the most given and simplest thing to do. Have your phone out and play music. Enjoy the beautiful campus scenery.

We all need our personal time and space. Respect others personal spaces as well as you wish to be respected. Hope the list above was somewhat helpful. Go on an adventure and find your own corner to chill and share with us! I encourage you to try to go out rather than staying in the building.

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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Places to Relax at MAK

  1. Bias! Clearly, you’ve forgotten about the luxurious red pleather couch in HS1. That should have been 1, 2 and 3 on your list!

    Your concept was nice, and your explanations were quite well-written. This was a pleasurable read from start to finish.

    I was wondering though… with all this relaxation, how do you find time for academics?



  2. 9/10 – I liked the justifications that you give for each location. Also, the photos accompanied the text quite well. The grammatical/formatting errors sometimes made it a little difficult to read, but overall, it was a fun article to read!


  3. I was attracted to this article, well honestly I wasn’t. I just closed my eyes and randomly selected an article. Sue me. However, this was surprisingly a blast to read, and I will consider taking your advice upon future academic subjects. For now, I’ll just give your article a 9/10.

    Oh yeah, +1 more point for using the words “love sac” in your article.


  4. Very well written, entertaining article. This is a topic that I’ve never really thought about, but I could see it coming in use. The pictures are also very helpful as they give an accurate visual image of the place you are describing.



  5. 9/10. I was surprised about #2, I wouldn’t normally think of that place as a relaxing place (if, of course you barrow one of Mr. Newkirk’s pillows) – the hard floor would be uncomfortable after sitting for a while.


  6. I agree with your places to relax, except the place behind the stage curtain. I used to go there, but I didn’t feel that much better. However, I will take your suggestions into my consideration in the future. Good Job (it attracted me, because I would like to relax during study hall and do my homework without too much stress.) 8/10


  7. 8.5/10
    I think the place behind the stage is probably not a very relaxing place. There are many other places that you can relax instead of the stage. But, overall this article can attract high school students because some of them are encountering some difficulties in stress.


  8. I like the article because the information is relevant and applicable to students’ life. The topic might attract many people to read the article. Also, the explanations and pictures are good.


  9. 8/10
    I did enjoy the article, but i disagree with the place behind the stage because it is a very crowded area to be in. What I enjoy the most is the corner in the library, I tried it and it feels great with the giant beanbag. It has a great pic to let people visualized what the places is like to relax.


  10. 1. This article is pretty interesting. It helps give students a new perspective on where to relax, and some of these places can be considered quite novel and esoteric, contrary to the norm. The format of the article was easy to follow, and each individual section/point was labeled clearly.

    2. People might be attracted to this because they might need a place to relax and rewind after their numerous high school assignments and assessments. The normal spots students relax in could be too noisy and distracting. This article helps to solve this problem.

    3. 8/10


  11. I liked it because it gives helps me find places around my school to relax in.
    This may attract students from MAK or other people who want to know MAK campus better.


  12. I agree with most places that were listed on the article. Instead the second point ” Behind the stage” I don’t think that it would be a good place to relax and focusing on doing homework. I also enjoyed all the picture above, it’s pretty attractive and vivid.


  13. I liked it because it gives helps me find places around my school to relax in. This will help me if I needed to relax from a stressful day at school or to hang out with my friends. I agree with the person who wrote this page about the picnic table outside, it is a good place to enjoy the sun and breeze while getting a good view of the filed.
    This may attract students from MAK who are curious of quiet places to study or to sleep. It may also attract students who wants to find a place with minimal distractions for club meeting. Some others, may be people who want to know MAK campus better.
    In total I give this article 9/10


  14. I think you did a good job picking out new places that are not crowded and that we already go too. I like that the information and places you used are new, and have not been talked ago before. People might be attracted to the article because of the nice formatting and the pictures.
    8.5 / 10


  15. I liked how this article introduces people to places around the school that we might think as a good relaxing place. But since this is an opinion-based article I believe that every reader would have different things in mind. I really like how the writer gives great details for things that might disturb us and not only talks about the place but also the surroundings.
    BTW, what if people start crowding into those places? Then the writer won’t find those places relaxing anymore, right? 8/10


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