Top 5 “Once in a Blue Moon” Photos

Top 5 “Once in a Blue Moon” Photos

Believe it or not, these pictures are all real and not edited. Below are five incredible pictures put in no special order.  Are these pictures worthy of this list? That is for you to decide. Also, once in a blue moon means rare.

  1. Flamingo-ception


Flamingos grouped together to form a huge flamingo. This photo taken by Robert B. Haas in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 makes it into this list because of its unlikeliness. The chance of this happening is really really low unless these flamingos are actually intelligent lifeforms. Schools of fish are known for doing the exact same thing, forming a larger body together, to ensure their safety. But do these flamingos do this out of instinct or for a purpose? Or is it simply a coincidence?


  1. Crystal Cave


This cave located in Iceland is covered with ice… and crystals. The cave is at a constant nine degrees celsius, crucial for the crystals in the cave to form. These crystals don’t look anything like crystals, they don’t have edges, they are smooth, they are clear, and they reflect the blue behind them, being the cave ice. Frost forms on these crystals to make white spots and blocks of textures. There are millions of requirements to form a perfect crystal cave, and here it is. In Iceland.


  1. Grid Waves


This is a photo of a rare phenomenon called cross sea. It is formed when a wave system continues to proceed after a ninety degrees change in the wind direction. These grid-like waves located along a certain French coast are amongst the most dangerous ocean hazards. Big ships are easily destroyed by their own weight and small boats can be tossed several meters back and forth until out of the area. Although dangerous, the perfect ninety degree angle makes it so that the waves doesn’t interact with eachother making their movements harmonized.


  1. Sinkhole


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a giant sinkhole in Florida. Sinkholes form a lot more in Florida than in any other states because of the amount of limestone beneath the ground. Limestones slowly dissolve because of weak natural acid and acid rain. And when the area finally evolves into a huge empty space, the surface collapses.  Everything above the surface is swallowed in. A whole house was swallowed in by the sinkhole, killing a man at sleep. Help cannot reach the bottom of the hole so the government decided to fill the sinkhole up with gravel.


  1. Force


A kid in Germany mastered the force and is on her way to become a jedi. Popping the huge bubble at the right time in the right place results in this awesome picture. As the bubble is popped, the blast spreads outwards away from the contact point. In the perfect sunlight angle and brightness enabled us to see every single drop of the bubble water. To the people around them, the bubble popped. To others, a new hope is born (Star Wars reference).

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 “Once in a Blue Moon” Photos

  1. 8 I clicked on this article because I was curious about the picture on the first page and I wanted to see what the other “once in a blue moon” photos were. I would have to say you picked some interesting photos. I really liked the cross sea photos. I never knew that could happen!


  2. I liked this article a lot! I give it a 9. Some teachers at MAK can use the force. They are very secretive about it… They are especially skilled in Jedi Mind Tricks.


  3. This is a pretty interesting article. I love the last picture — I had no idea there were any childhood pictures of the character Sloth from “The Goonies.” He was just as cute then as he is today! “Ruth, Baby!”

    Good job!



  4. 9/10. I was hoping that this article would also include a picture of a blue moon, but I think that taking pictures of a full moon for two consecutive nights is rare. I’m drawn to this article because I liked the title, and I also liked the photos I saw too.


  5. This is a good article because all of 5 pictures give me a sense of relieve. I like the third one because it triggers my inner OCD.


  6. I like what the article is about and the pictures. The picture of the crystal cave is my favourite. I wish that the article is longer. People would be attracted to this article by the topic. 10/10


  7. 9/10 This article is interesting, and provides entertainment for us. I have not seen most of these pictures before, and was interested in these pictures.

    People might be attracted to this because the pictures, and details are interesting, and are rare.


  8. I like the pictures and the Star Wars reference. I think people will be attracted to the article because of all of the cool pictures. 9 / 10


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