The 5 Places Most Likely to be Haunted

    Our campus has neighbored the final resting place of the deceased for forty years and yet supernatural stories are not common topics among the teens. Could it be that the teachers managed to silence the witnesses before the rumors started to spread? The following are five of the most suspicious locations at MAK that might not be what they seem.

    5. The Perpetually Dark Stairwell

    Although the basement is a common location used for elementary and middle school music and choir, the stairs on the elementary wing leading down into the basement are rarely used. At the end of the stairs is a locked door. One would think that since both stairways lead to the basement, teachers would use the shortest route to get the students to class. But that is not the case. No elementary student has bothered to ask why he or she had to go all the way to the middle school wing to go down to the basement.

    4.  The Stairs that Only Go Up

    Both elementary and middle school wings have stairs on the second floor that lead up to a sealed door. It is hard to believe that something so regularly seen would escape the eyes of so many and not trigger some kind of curiosity. Older students tend to pass it off as nothing particularly interesting when questioned by underclassmen and the curiosity usually dies off there. But something doesn’t seem right. Something about these two doors seems odd, but the placement of the door seems to suggest that there is nothing to hide. No student is allowed to pass through the doors. No teacher has been seen opening those doors. No light is seen passing through the gaps. Could it be that there is actually a third floor that has been closed off because of some incident that happened in the past?

    3. The Ladder Through the Ceiling

    The ladder, hidden behind the corner in the high school teacher’s lounge, is one of the newest mysteries on campus. In terms of aesthetics, the aluminum bars seem really out of place among the dark, wooden cabinets and the white wall. One would even suggest that the ladder was intentionally placed there to attract attention. Many have tried to unveil the mystery behind the ladder, but few have successfully climbed up without attracting a staff member’s attention. Those that have gone up have all kept silent about it. To add to the lack of information, witnesses usually pass the subject off with a disappointing “there’s nothing up there.”  Of course, the teachers have all answered that it is a “storage room,” but that doesn’t sound very convincing.

    2. The Room Behind the Curtains

    Besides the occasional music performance or school chapel, the stage is not really used for any other purpose. However, if you are to look from the band room, you can see a large space through the windows on the wall above the whiteboard. The room is fairly easy to locate, but there is no way to get up to it. Or so it seems. The key is to go around and onto the stage. On the left corner closest to the door of the band room there is a ladder that leads all the way up to a metal door. The theories behind this place are close to none because of its unknown nature. Since students would usually get in trouble for attempting such an act, there have not been reports of what teachers would claim is behind the metal hatchway.

    1. The Tower

    The last but surely the one that everyone has believed to have no significance is the tower on the very left side of campus. Although not the most inconspicuous building, the tower is shrouded in mystery. Students that have attended Morrison for quite some time tend to ignore it, and new students never tour that part of the school. Even students from other schools who compete in tournaments or scrimmages on campus do not seem to question the significance of the tower. When asked about it, no one has a clear idea of what it might be used for. Some say that it was a watch tower that was used in the past when the threat of a Chinese invasion was still lingering. This seems like a legitimate answer. However, the single balcony facing the front gate of campus would not be effective if an attack happened from the opposite direction.

    Hopefully, someone, anyone, in the near future can solve these age-old mysteries before these places disappear once again from our memories. If you find yourself wandering around campus, be sure to do some investigating on your own. But remember, the teachers are always watching.

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9 thoughts on “The 5 Places Most Likely to be Haunted

  1. I really like how you took pictures of the haunted places. (red + dark) It provided a sense of horror, and I enjoyed the way you described it. For example, “No student is allowed to pass through the doors. No teacher has been seen opening those doors. No light is seen passing through the gaps. ” It’s interesting! Good Job!


    1. Added Information:
      The places you mentioned in the article were ghastly, and it attracted me, because I was also curious about it.
      Rank scale: 8


  2. The title of this article is intriguing because I really like horror movies. However, the article is too exaggerating that it blows things out of proportion and make its not as credible. The good use of word choice and writing technique make the article stands out. 7/10


  3. I thought it was going to be about 5 places in the world most likely haunted, I’ve never noticed those places until I saw this article. I wanted to read the article because haunted things are interesting XD I think your article is 8/10.


  4. This article was seriously interesting. 10/10. I wonder if there is a living soul who truly knows the answers to these mysteries. The mystery of all this is what attracted me to this article, and now I’m leaving perplexed.


  5. I like that there are pictures for the places and the way the article is format. I think that there should be more description about the places. People would be attracted by the title because most people are interested in scary things. 8/10


  6. I have been through every space mentioned here. That is how I lost the my sisters………… They are not haunted, I’m just irresponsible.


  7. 1. In my opinion, I think this article is pretty well written. The flow is incredibly easy to follow. The sections/points were also easy to follow and distinguish. For improvement, I think the author could tone down on the suspenseful feeling he/she is trying to invoke; I think it is too over-the-top.

    2. People who are attracted to horror paraphernalia and various conspiracy theorists.

    3. 8/10


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